$Id: CHANGES,v 1.30 2007/04/04 19:55:51 edwinh Exp $ $Name: v1_1 $ Version 1.1: - some cameras date stamp using / instead of : for the date fields. fixed. - support for multi-image format files such as animated GIF. The first image in the multi-image deck is used for thumbnails, etc. - Major update providing support for video files. Support comes via having mplayer installed on your system. The first frame of the video file is used to create thumbnails/mediums. Small icons can be overlaid on top of the thumb/medium images to give a visual cue that the object being represented in the browser is actually a video file and not a still image. Default for this behavior is on and can be turned off by setting $do_video_thumbnail_icons to 0. A modern version of mplayer is required for all video processing. - Bug fixed where HTML links back to '../$indexhtml' files were not being made in recursive mode. - Take author page links off of default output (can use imageindex link to find us) Version 1.0.9: - fix space in filenames/dirs problem Version 1.0.8: - $do_captions rc variable to turn on/off - fix obsolete flag to montage Version 1.0.7: - autocaption uses Term::Readline::Gnu - Add "-reverse" to flip the timestamp ordering of the images Saved as metadata if not the default value - Skip .thumbcache - "-rotate" works even if you swap the file/direction spec - misc tiny fixes from john Version 1.0.6: - Support for morphing ASCII "smilies" (i.e. :), ;), and :() embedded in captions found within images over to small "emoticon" PNG images. Enabled by default. Turn off setting $do_emoticons to 0. - Date and Time formatting has been radically improved. New global variables governing this feature are "printf()-like" strings. Codes defined by POSIX strftime(3) are interpolated to allow the date/time fields to completely user-defined. - Support for adding in TITLE attributes onto anchors surrounding thumbnail, montage, and slide images. These TITLE attributes are also defined by "printf()-like" strings and are used to present more information to a user after hovering the mouse over the image (requires that the browser properly renders TITLE attributes as tooltips). - Image captions have been sanitized when embedded in TITLE attributes or within other HTML w.r.t. special characters which might cause parse errors for some rendering engines. - New METADATA attribute 'NumImages' stored in index.html files. This provides a convenient mechanism for knowing the number of images represented in the file without having to stoop to counting, etc. Version 1.0.5: - processing loops for medium/thumbnail views optimized for speed - HTML output is now "prettier" to the eye as it is indented - tweak details view with some  's instead of ' ' to render more efficiently - break out of frames if index link is hit with small javascript snippet. lets us put index link back in slides and still validate strict. - tweak autocaption to allow newline to end comment Version 1.0.4: - added option -includeall which nullifies the "excluded file" list that is saved in metadata (for full archiving purposes vs. external viewing) - tweaked the HTML for comments that end with an ellipsis (...) so they look better in tight spaces when rendered Version 1.0.3: - be able exclude some images from montages - take index link out of slides until we find a better way of handling both frame and non-frame views - minor page compliance tweaks Version 1.0.2: - montages of large (> tile grid) numbers of images now "samples" which pics to use rather than taking the first N images only - fix saving meta / defaults / commandline semantics (only save if different from defaults) - fix :hover so it applies to a only, otherwise cuased mozilla 1.1 wierdness - added quality option for thumbs & medium Version 1.0.1: - fix doctype; add version metatag/flag Version 1.0: - Initial public release Version 0.9.5: - fix up packaging a bit - doctype fixes - montage is working good enough for now Version 0.9.4: - slide caption location/date is changeable - add -d 'var=value' override option - tables, IMG borders use css - start on montage changes - dirs are timestamp sorted - meta date tags stored at yyyymmdd.ss Prior to that: Hacked on and used for a year or more for digital photos. Its fvwm2 background menu roots are much older Local Variables: mode: flyspell end: