$Id: TODO,v 1.43 2003/09/09 03:13:06 edwinh Exp $ $Name: v1_1 $ Bugs - Fix embedded emoticons with unicode (pack/unpack is a problem) Additions/Enhancements - Flesh out .pod file. Do pod2man for packaging, etc - Medium-to-Large architecture change. Pre-compute what things need to be done (which slide show .html files need to be created, which thumbs, which mediums, etc.) and then execute these jobs through a for() loop with fork()/exec() keeping N jobs "active" at a time where N is configurable. This will help speed-up on dual CPU machines. - Add more samples in sample directory - Fill out lsm, send to ibiblio.org as part of release? Upload to rh contrib? Ideas (not sure) - Use something like HTML::Stream rather than manually printf'ing tags. - Add a way to dump default config variables into dotfile - Make it use a ~/.imageindex.css file for the stylesheet customization (so you don't have to muck with the perl variable) ??? If this is done also add -writecss flag or something that creates a "default" copy of this for you to edit later? - Drop-shadow option for thumbnails? Bugs/Cleanup