[montage] imageindex

...a digital photo gallery tool

Imageindex generates standards-compliant static HTML galleries of images (usually JPG photos, but can deal with images of just about any format). Some features:

It's pretty simple to use, actually. Here is the help text. See the manual page or README file for more information.

Here is some sample output, so you can see what the resulting pages look like.

We keep a list of CHANGES and a TODO list.

Version 1.1 (Apr 4 2007)

Older versions can be found here.


In addition to perl, this program needs ImageMagick and the ImageMagick perl module installed. You might already have them. (For example they are contained in Fedora Linux "extras"repository). For video file support you will also need a modern (at least 0.99.8) version of mplayer.

If you don't have it, go to imagemagick.org.

If you want to see EXIF header data from images, optional Perl modules (Image::Info and IO::String) can be obtained from CPAN. For Fedora users, the "extras" yum repository has these.

FreeBSD users should install imageindex via its port in the ports tree. Simply go to /usr/ports/graphics/imageindex and type "make install" or "portinstall imageindex" if you have the "portupgrade" package installed. Either of these methods will build the appropriate components needed by imageindex via their own ports.

Edwin Huffstutler <edwinh at computer dot org>
John Reynolds <johnjen at reynoldsnet dot org>